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We hold the most remarkable selection of trees for both small and large gardens ranging from the small ornamental to large specimen trees and some that are more exotic to fit protected corners of the garden.   John Wyatt carefully selects trees and shrubs from reputable nurseries within Europe and the UK.

Conifers provide evergreen colour and some are ideal for screening off sections of the garden or acting as hedging to provide privacy. In the same way, shrubs can act as screening by using a mix of both evergreen and deciduous plants to create textural interest. Hedging can also act as a deterrent by using thorny shrubs such as Crataegus (hawthorn), Pyracantha or Berberis. These also make excellent habitats for nesting birds as well as provide a valuable food resource for wildlife. Hedging is very useful in areas that are situated in frost pockets or as a windbreak in areas that are prone to strong winds.

Our fruit trees can be purchased all year round, but are best planted in the dormant period before the start of Spring in order to give them time to settle in to the ground. We stock all the popular varieties of apples, plums, pears, cherries, nectarines and peaches alongside more traditional varieties including quinces, damsons, greengages, mulberries and medlars. Why not try growing a step over apple as an informal hedge or a fan shaped peach against a south facing wall? Wyatts can offer a comprehensive growing programme to help you get the best results from your fruit trees including pruning and after care.

Advice and Support

Wyatts’ trained and friendly staff are the key to ensuring success in producing healthy plants. Providing good advice and support to our customers is important to us and Di, the Nursery Manager, and John can advise on types of plants and their positioning and care. Specific plants or trees can be ordered for you, if necessary.

Garden Design

If you are looking for help with garden design, our sister company Clement Wyatt can provide you with ideas and planting plans for your garden or patio – or for just a bed or border.

Factsheets & Price Lists

The documents below are provided as a guide. Please get in touch before your visit to confirm availability.

Tree, Shrub and Bushes list 2020
Updated 23/04/2020
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