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Cotswold Rose Centre

Wyatts are the Cotswold Rose Centre. We have in stock over 2,500 roses for purchase.

At Wyatts Plant Centre we are proud to hold one of the largest selection of roses in the area and can offer specialist advice to help customers choose the best rose for their garden.

Roses can be purchased either as bare root in the Autumn (November) or as containerised plants the rest of the year. For a limited period of time, we sell bare root roses at a specially reduced price before potting them up into containers. To avoid disappointment, bare root roses can be ordered in advance. Naturally we cannot guarantee that all varieties will be available when you visit the nursery, so we would suggest you contact us first.

To give the plants the best start in life, the Farm Shop sells special rose food, composts and ‘Rootgrow’ which is a mycorrhizal fungi that helps establish healthy root growth in the soil.

Finding a Fit For Your Garden

Each rose has its own special identity whether it is for its vigour, scent, colour or length of flowering period. Some varieties can be used to scramble over arches and pergolas or incorporated into a mixed border. They can adorn the entrance to a house and fill the air with their perfume.

Please click on one of the following categories of rose to see the range of varieties we offer as well as the best position for planting them in. The list is not exhaustive, so please let us know if you cannot find the variety you want and we will do our best to source it.

Advice and Support

Wyatts’ trained and friendly staff is the key to ensuring success in producing healthy plants. Providing good advice and support to our customers is important to us and Di, the Nursery Manager, and John can advise on types of plants and their positioning and care. Specific plants or trees can be ordered for you, if necessary.

Garden Design

If you are looking for help with garden design, our sister company Clement Wyatt can provide you with ideas and planting plans for your garden or patio – or for just a bed or border.

Factsheets & Price Lists

The documents below are provided as a guide. Please call before your visit to confirm availability.

David Austin "English" Roses 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
Specifically bred by David Austin and renowned for repeat flowering and beautiful perfume. These roses display a variety of habits and can be grown in many different situations. Download / View Factsheet
Standard Roses 2019
Updated 14/03/2019
Download / View Factsheet
Groundcover Roses 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
As the name suggests generally used to spread horizontally. Usually no more than 18" to 2' in height. Robust plants and often repeat flower but seldom perfumed. Download / View Factsheet
"French" Roses 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
Most of our selection bred by the Delbard family. Very healthy, disease resistant plants. Unusual colours and mostly beautifully perfumed. Download / View Factsheet
Large Climbers 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
Bred to climb up a house wall or tall structure. Need support. Repeat flower and sometimes perfumed. Maximum height up to 25'. Download / View Factsheet
Ramblers 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
Bred to scramble over a shed, large structure or through trees. Needs some support. Often produce one flush of flowers albeit a spectacular one. Download / View Factsheet
Small Climbers 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
Bred to climb up a fence, over an arch or up a pillar. Need support. Repeat flower and sometimes perfumed. Maximum height 9'. Download / View Factsheet
Hybrid Tea Roses 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
Originally bred for show. Tend to produce single flowers on long stems - good for cutting. Repeat flowering and often perfumed. Download / View Factsheet
Floribunda Roses 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
Literally many flowered roses. Bushy plants which usually have clusters of blooms. A huge variety or colours and perfumes. Repeat flowering. Best used in a dedicated border. Download / View Factsheet
Old Fashioned Shrub Roses 2019
Updated 14/03/2019
Download / View Factsheet
Patio Roses 2019
Updated 16/05/2019
Miniature roses seldom more than 18" in height. Perfect for growing in pots or at the front of a border. Seldom perfumed. Usually small, pretty clusters of flowers which repeat. Download / View Factsheet
Alphabetical Rose List
Updated 14/03/2019
Download / View Factsheet