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Wyatts Ice Cream

For the past ten years, Wyatts has been making its own delicious artisan ice cream using organic milk produced by their own dairy herd of Friesian cows.  The ice cream, produced by John Wyatt’s daughter, Lizzie Wyatt, has become an important diversification within the business, and Lizzie has to work hard to keep up with demand. 

How the ice cream is made…

Lizzie uses a recipe that has been inspired by the Italian-style way of making ice cream using authentic Italian flavours.  The way the milk is pasteurised in the production of the ice cream, means that the ice cream forms very small ice particles that in turn produces a smooth creamy texture without that watery, icy after taste.  To taste is to be believed!

Over 20 flavours!

Customers return on a regular basis to buy our delicious ice cream.   You can choose to eat by the scoop, in a cone or from a tub and we also have a selection of waffle cones – some dipped in chocolate! The ice cream is also sold in half litre tubs to take home.  Lizzie has developed over 20 gastronomic flavours to suit all tastes.  In the height of the summer, we provide a choice of 16 out of the 20 flavours.  Don’t just stop at one scoop!

Here are some of the most popular and also more unusual flavours we offer:

  • Vanilla:  using real vanilla extract with the seeds included 
  • Mint Choc Chip; Chocolate;  and Strawberry:  three flavours most enjoyed by children who visit us
  • Citrus Sea Buckthorn:  one of our more unusual flavours which is high in vitamin C and antioxidants
  • Honey & Ginger:  extremely tasty and also good for you!

Lizzie is constantly introducing new and exciting flavours to the already wide selection on sale.  Come and join us at our ‘Taster Events’ throughout the year and sample it for yourself. 

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