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At Wyatts we really care about the environment and that includes looking after our bird population.  We feel it is important to support birdlife in the garden and we are here to help you find the right products to do just that!  We offer a wide range of feeders, seeds, bird stations and bird tables including Tom Chambers and Chaplewood products. 

Bird Care

It is important to feed wild birds all year round and supply them with a good source of drinking water.   Bird-seed is particularly essential in the Spring and Summer to provide energy and nutrition. Peanuts provide a good source of oil and fibre to enable birds to build up fat reserves to see them through the winter and any cold spells.  Suet balls are recommended all year round.

We also offer a selection of bird boxes, bee logs and bat boxes to encourage wildlife into your gardens.   It is a wonderful way of getting all the family involved and helping to increase the wildlife population in your garden.  We can all do our bit for nature.

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We sell a wide range of locally sourced traditional cuts of meat.

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