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11 Jan 2016

A Healthy Lifestyle.

After a festive season of indulging, often in the New Year we try and loose those extra pounds we may have gained.

Recently someone told me the impact we have on our children when we are overheard moaning about being fat, needing to loose weight and going on a diet. I was horrified when a child no older than 9 mentioned to me the other day they needed to go on a diet. I remembered the advice given to me and told them that this was not necessary, that eating healthily and exercising regularly was what was needed. I'm not sure if I made a difference, but I like to think so!

This advice is good advice and, if we stick to it in the colder months, the weight should drop off as we use calories to keep warm. 

We know what we have to to really. By being more active, cutting out processed foods, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, along with some fish, chicken or beans, you could see and feel a difference and this could lead to weight loss without really trying too hard. 


Good luck to all those who are choosing to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan. Here is to a happy, healthy, and fit 2016.


Lizzie Wyatt


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